Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Paintings of Sensei Akira Kurosawa

Below are twenty of the paintings Sensei Akira Kurosawa produced in the late period of his career. These paintings are difficult to find online and in western bookstores. More difficult still, is finding them at a size and resolution that allows us to examine the character of Kurosawa’s dynamic brushwork and bold color use. They stand in stark contrast to the manicured concept work that informs much of the art direction of today’s cinematic and interactive work. It is equally stunning that these paintings come from the very same artist that had a reputation for creating precise and obsessive cinematic work to the point of becoming notorious.


  1. Have to say that being a fellow artist living in Rhode Island I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and was happy to find some good quality images of Kurosawa's paintings, (a topic I just blogged about myself). Hope you don't mind that I pulled a few of those images from your page to use in my own - making sure to cite your blog as the source!


  2. Wow, cool paintings! Today, March 23rd, is Kurosawa's birthday and I just happened to find your blog. I've shared this post a few places because I'm pretty sure a lot of people I know will be interested in this! Thanks for posting...Great blog!